Welcome to OffSeason Cricket League (OCL)
11/10/2018 10:40 am - REGISTRATION: Registration for Offseason Cricket League (OCL) is CLOSED as 20 teams have already registered to participate.

We play casual cricket but with professional outfit. All players and umpires must wear athletic attire to the games including team jerseys, full length trousers and athletic shoes.

2018 ACL Offseason Cricket League (OCL)


    DATES: November 17, 2018 to February 24, 2019

    Days: Saturday & Sunday

    Match Time: Between 9:00 AM and 2:00 PM

    FEES: $500/Team

    Teams: 20 Maximum (First come first serve)

    Pools: 2 pools of 10 (Maximum) teams each

    Balls: 2 Boxes per team distributed by ACL

    Venue: Atlanta Cricket Fields (Exit 17 off of GA 400)


    • Minimum of 9 matches per team assured, subject to calendar availability and weather permitted.
    • Any player can play for any team during any match or throughout the league
    • Captains MUST agree to playing conditions on any given day of the match. This is related to Team Composition, number of overs and field settings etc., only
    • Batting Team MUST umpire their innings (batting)
    • All Cricketing Rules apply unless both Captains agreed prior to the start of the particular match
    • Rescheduling of a match is permissible based on the availability of the fields and accepted by both Captains
    • Captains MUST communicate rescheduling information to League representatives no later than Thursday 5PM EST of the scheduled week
    • Captains rescheduled match will not be given priority over league scheduled or rescheduled match
    • Teams can roll the pitch using the roller available at the fields on their own, on a first come first serve basis
    • Pitch rolling is permissible if it is not damp in nature
    • Limited League Communication, need basis only
    • No Committees or board or appeals help available

NOTE: ACL will be trying new technology options during this league. e.g.: Scoring App